Bulekbaeva Gulmira Zhaybergenovna, Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Bulekbaeva Gulmira Zhaybergenovna


Position: Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Academic degree, academic title: РhD doctor

Teaching disciplines: Engineering Technology, Quality System, Fundamentals of Design and Machine Parts, Interchangeability

Research interests: Plastic deformation of the deposited layer on the flat surface of the part

Publications: author of over twenty scientific articles

Certificates: “Creation of electronic teaching aids by discipline”, Using an interactive whiteboard in the educational process “,” Three-dimensional parametric modeling of parts and assembly units in the 3D modeling system KOMPAS-3D V13 “,” Distance educational technologies “,” Electronic government and electronic services “. Certificate of the seminar of JSC “National Information Technologies” ZERDE MC&I RK, “Technological mechanics, the use of modern calculation methods in the strength of materials. The use of PFP in the mechanics of materials “,” The procedure for testing at stands for the assembly of pumps intended for oil production (ESP, UVN, UEVN, SRP) and submersible electric motors (SEM) “

International internships: Akaki Tsereteli State University, Georgia

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